How to easily move Unassigned to a different day on the Schedule screen

Received an email about this and wanted to post this for others too:

Situation: Monday December 22 there were four unassigned jobs. They were not picked up by anyone nor completed. It is now Tuesday December 23rd, and the AyaNova user wants to know how he can easily move them to another date such as Sat Dec 27th.

  1. Use the Schedule screen to easily drag and drop to a different day

Via the Schedule screen’s Date Navigator, click on Monday December 22nd so that it shows in the Schedule screen that days scheduled workorder items for unassigned (as well as actual users)
If any workorder items are unassigned showing, than hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking Sat Dec 27th
Now the Schedule will show both Monday Dec 22 and Sat December 27th and you can easily drag the workorder items from one day to the other.

  1. View unassigned workorders via the Scheduled Users grid and edit from there

View the Scheduled Users grid in the Service navigation pane
Filter on the User column to show only unassigned by selecting (Blanks)

You could also filter on additional columns such as the Start Date & Time (select Yesterday, Week - current, etc) ; Closed column (select False or Blanks to show those not closed), etc
Now you can easily open each workorder and edit as needed
3. Also remember that you can subscribe to be notified if a job is not Closed by a certain date.

Subscribe to the notification “Workorder – “Close By” date passed”
In the workorder, enter the specific date you want the workorder closed by in the Close By field.
If the workorder is not checkmarked Closed by that date, you will be notified so that you can make other arrangements.