How to Issue Purchase Order for Non-Inventory item

How can we issue a Purchase Order for a Non-Inventory item. We use an outside service contractor for some of our work that requires a Purchase Order. Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Crum

Hi Mark

A suggestion would be to have a part called “Misc” or “Outside Service” or some such so it can be selected as a part in the PO.

But than again, a Purchase Order is usually for ordering parts - whereas it sounds like this “Purchase Order” is for labor servicefrom another company? You coulduse the Outside Service subsection of a workorder item, with a report template that takes the field data from this section to make a Purchase Order type looking report - i.e. RMA field is where you enter the “PO number”, Repair Price field where you enter the charge they will charge you, Notes field where you enter details of the service they will provide you etc etc.

  • Joyce