How to quote on a new server system when serial number is unknown (not in inventory)

I am trying to figure out how to prepare a quote for equipment that is not in inventory. I have serial number tracking enabled and when trying to prepare the quote I get a red exlamation mark in the serial number field for the unit to be quoted on.

Is there an easy way to do this?


Hi Steve

I am thinking perhaps you are not actually creating a quote from the Quotes navigation pane using a Quote entry screen?

See screenshot in for example

When creating a quote, inventory is not affected in any way because it is just a quote.

Only parts selected in a service workorder entry screen would affect inventory.

Do post back that now that you are creating a Quote, that you can select parts without affecting inventory.

  • Joyce

Hi again Steve, did that work for you once you created a quote using a Quote entry screen?

Let me know. Thank you!

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I am definately in a “New Quote” screen. I am not trying to quote parts. I am trying to quote on a complete server which should fall under “Units” if I am understanding correctly. When I click the Units bar, a new Unit entry window pops up and the serial number field has a red exclamation mark beside it.
I went into the Parts screen and it appears it will only allow me to choose from existing inventory as well. I need the ability to enter parts and or units into a quote without having the item as an inventory item. I don’t stock everything I sell. If a client chooses to not accept a quote then I don’t have to order the parts and/or unit. I do need to be able to track serial numbers of the items that are sold but having said that, not every item I sell has serial numbers. I am frustrated as I am still having to use my old software which I had hoped to be done with by my year end in December but I can not get Ayanova to do all the things I need not to mention now there is a new version out and I havent been able to get my 6.6 version into production yet.

Hi Steve

The Unit" selected in a quote or service workorder is meant to be a piece of equipment already owned by a client that you will provide service for.
A unit is not meant to be used as a part to be sold to a client.
See the Help section for your version on Units for an overview and suggestions on use. For example,

If you want to quote a part to a client, but you don’t want the part actually in your inventory, a suggestion would be:

  1. Create a part perhaps called “Generic Part”.
  2. In the quote, select that generic part, and enter in the Description field what it actually is that you are quoting.
  3. Then if the client does accept the quote, and you generate a service workorder from that quote, at that time you can create the actual part so it can be selected in the service workorder, a part request made if you wish, order it in via a po if you use that, the part’s serial number selected cause now is in inventory etc etc.
  • Joyce