How to Rescue my Ayanova?

My compter crashes, and I Bought Ayanova more than four years ago. Now I´m lost…

Please, someone can inform how to reinstall software and register again?

The AyaNova CE program can be reinstalled by downloading the trial AyaNova installation file from the AyaNova CE download web page

[ NOTE : The old AyaNova CE installation file is no longer publicly avaialble. If you were previously licensed for AyaNova CE, contact AyaNova Support directly via your registered email address along with your original ShareIT reference order # and we can send out a link to download the old version]

Once the trial AyaNova program and trial database has been installed successfully (detailed information can be found within the AyaNova QuickStart Guideon installation if needed), you can restore the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC from your most recent backup prior to the crash.

Replacing the trial database file SCDATA.SC with your backup SCDATA.SC will restore all your data as well as the license - as data and license is maintained within the database file.

Details on backup and restoring can also be found within the AyaNova Manualreference section “Backup & Recovery” starting on page 231

Let us know this recovery works for you.

Sorry, I can´t restore the scdata because it was lost when my hard drive burn, and I didn´t made backup copy. Now I will rebuild all Service Orders startingfrom my paper registers, but I need restore the Ayanova status from trial to register. I was a registered user (I bought the software). What data I need send to you to proof of purchase and what procedures I need to proceed? I promise to make backups and NEVER, NEVER more forget to do this (we learn with our errors. heh?).

Sorry about my english too, I´m brazilian…


Antonio Mauricio de Campos Ferreira

Hello again

First - download the trial AyaNova from, and install.

Second - once the trial AyaNova is successfully installed, than you would apply your AyaNova Activation Key that was originally sent to you when you purchased your AyaNova license(s) to unlock the trial.

If you do not have this AyaNova Activation Key email message that contains the activation keycode and instructions on how to apply, we can resend a copy to the original registered email address.

If your present email address is not the original registered email address, you can change this bylogging into your ShareIT (our pament processing partner with whom the AyaNova license(s) was originally purchased) account that was created when you placed your order at

AyaNova user has applied the AyaNova Activation keycode on a newly installed trial AyaNova and will now re-enter their data manually.

Backup of the AyaNova database file SCDATA.SC toan external deviceis very important in the event of a computer crash, corruption, fire or theft.

Backup of any data on your computer that would cause time and money if lost should always be backed up.

We invite AyaNova users to refer to the AyaNova Manualsection “Backup & Recovery” as it provides information and recommendations.