how to separate workorders

anyone know where i can get a book on the report generator.

what i would like to do is this .

we have 3 companies (clients) that i need to give them a report at the end of the month

are current system prints a report to give them total hours and detailed work preformed

similar to the workorder detail report .

3 things i would like to know how to do

1st - how can i separate companies so that when i print my report only that companies info

prints to that paper ie

( company1 has 20 repair workorders)

( company2 has 10 repair workorders)

( company3 has 29 repair workorders)

what i would like is to print one report but only print company1’s workorders 1-20 together, then start a new page with the company2’s info with there header and there workorders ,

2nd need to total just company1;s workorders at the end of the report

and then by project

any suggestions

Hi Randy

  1. The records that are displaying in the grid is the data that will display in the report.

Therefore if you want to separate the companies so only service workorders for that company for that time period display on the grid so they are than the data that displays on the report - than a suggestion is to filter the Service Workorders grid by the company name, and filter by the Service Date.

This will result in the Service Workorders grid displaying only service workorders for that company where the Service data falls in that time period you want.

  1. The sample report template Total Billable from the Service Workorders grid itemizes billable data from the displayed service workorder records, and than provides a grand total on the last page of the report.

And as with all existing sample report templates, you can further customize this as needed - or use this to refer to when creating your own custom report template.

The same with a project - filter the grid by the Project name, and the service workorder records that display would be the data that would display in the report template selected.

The AyaNova v3 Manual technical section contains a number of tutorials on customizing and making reports; and the AyaNova v3 install contains many sample report templates that you can refer to when creating and customizing report templates. If you have a specific question or need help with a specific feature, let us know.

  • Joyce

this helps but what i would like to have 1 report that does all companies at the same time .so we would only have to do 1 report instead of 15-20 .

reason for this would be new clients that have not be setup as a filter yet would be forgoten

till we setup there filter . our filemake pro Admin software does this .

if someone could customize this for me i am willing to pay. would be a great addon to the system

i could also send a copy of our reports now to give you an idea of what i am talking about


Hi Randy

A sample report template Sample Total Billable Workorders Grouped by Client is available in this forum

I further edited the sample report template Summary Billable Per Service Workorder so that it grouped by the client, and grouped the Grand Totals displayed by that client, and forced a new page after the client’s Grand Totals.

This report template identifies the workorder number, its service data, and than the billable items for applicable parts, labor, travel, misc.expenses and loan items.

Once again - it will take whatever data is displayed on your Service Workorders grid - so you would need to filter to display only the workorders that you wish to report on.

We encourage you to further edit it as you need as with any sample report template that AyaNova comes with.

  • Joyce

you guys are awsome . i mean who else on a weekend would even answer a question or to.

your product is looking better and better every day we test it. i will be ordering at least a another 2 user lic. when we are done testing. which will give us 3 scheduled users.

your the best :slight_smile: