how to set your workorder numbers to start from 1 if erasing

Workorder numbers are never re-used.

If using full AyaNova, review and in scroll down to review about the “Service workorders start number”.

If using AyaNova Lite, review to and in scroll down to review about the “Service workorders start number”.

What this means is, even though you had erased the entire AyaNova database, internally the database uses +1 of whatever the last workorder number was even if you erased.
The Global Settings will show 0 until the first workorder is created and saved and you have exited out and logged back in. Then the Global Settings will show the number as in use.

But you “can” start from the number 1 again IF you do exactly the following:

[li] Erase the data via the menu option Help -> License -> Erase entire AyaNova database
[/li][li] Run AyaNova again
[/li][li] Without entering ANY other information, go to Global Settings, edit the “Service workorders start number” to 1
[/li][li] Save the Global Settings (you may have to click in another field to un-gray the Save, so you can select it)
[/li][li] Move to the Service Workorders grid, select New which will open the client selection window
[/li][li] Use the Client jump button to create a new client (you can just enter the client’s Name, you can always go back in later to edit) and create a new workorder for this client to “set” the starting number.
[/li][li] Save. You will see that the workorder number for this is #1
[/li][li] Now when you go back to Global Settings, it will now show 1 in the “Service workorders start number” and your next workorder # will be 2 and so on.