How to turn off auto refresh

I dont know if this is a feature of ayanova, but how do you stop it from jumping back to the top of a list every few minutes.

Hi Swyne

The Auto Refresh every five minutes is a built in feature of AyaNova so that you do not have to manually click on the Refresh button to see new records and changes to existing records. There is not an option to disable this. Can certainly put this on developments list to look into as a possible future feature if this is a common request.

If its a case that you are “losing” your place where you have highlighted a specific record on the grid, a suggestion is to instead open that record itself so you are viewing that record; or filter the grid so that less records are showing (or even just that record is showing as a result of the filter) so that you can still see the record when it auto refreshes.

  • Joyce

I would like to be able to turn this feature off also. It is annoying when you are searching for records and you get interrupted from the computer and you turn around and the list is back at the top. It would be nice to have the option to turn this feature off.

Development will certainly look into this. Thank you.

But when you say “searching for records” - do you mean, for example, that you have scrolled through a list of records in the Service Workorders grid and are viewing details that show in the grid for a certain record?

Just a heads up suggestion at this time that you may find it easier to search as well as to see the relevant records by filtering the grid by one or more of its columns - so that only relevant records show, and no need to scroll through so many listed records.

  • Joyce

I know there are other ways to “search” and I use them also, but sometimes it’s easier to scroll through the list if you don’t know exactly what your looking for. I would just like the option to turn it off or on or even change the refresh rate. Thanks for considering it.

You are welcome, development will be going through all items on this Wish List while they develop for version 7.

And thank you for providing details on what it is that you are doing and why, so that development can provide based on how you use AyaNova!

  • Joyce

Just wanted to update this post - AyaNova 7 now includes the ability to turn Auto Refresh OFF via Global Settings if desired.

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