Huge new API related feature coming to AyaNova

We’ve been cooking something up in the lab and it’s nearly ready to unleash upon the world:

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure AyaNova remains the most powerful and developer friendly service management software on the planet we have a very cool update coming that will enable you to use the AyaNova API methods from the code behind reports in the report editor.

This will bring the full power of the AyaNova business object library into the existing scripting language behind AyaNova reports allowing for nearly complete freedom to insert any ad-hoc information into reports from any area of AyaNova. For example the basic client list report could be extended using the API to print a list of all the Units each client owns under each client in the report.

Because this is the full AyaNova business object library this also means information can flow the other way, in other words a report can interact with and update AyaNova objects as well. For example you could create a plugin for AyaNova that tracks report usage and then add code in the report that logs the printing of the report using the Integration object in the API. Or update a custom field in a client for example based on information in the report.

Release date TBD.