I looked for this in the previous posts

But didn’t see it. I hope it’s not to late to add it to the wish list. Or if I have missed it in the forum, please direct me to the proper post.

I would like to see a feature added where I can open the client screen and from there choose to see a list of open/all workorders for that particular client. I’ve looked for this in the beta but am either missing it or it is not yet enabled.

All of my techs were looking over my shoulder yesterday as I was getting familiar with the new interface and the comments from all were very positive. However, the lack of the ability to query workorders from the client screen resulted in univeral groans.

To see a list of service workorders for a specific client, utilize the Service Workorder grid - filter and sort it to show exactly what you need access to (filter by Client, filter Service Completed to show only where is = False, etc) .

And as printing from a grid is dependant on what data records are displaying in that grid - once you have filtered to display for that selected client, you could than select Print from the grid, and print Detailed reprots on every one of those displayed workorders). (In AyaNova CE you would need to open each indivdually to print, but you can print all fromthe Service Workorder grid itself in this new AyaNova).

From the Service Navigation pane, with the Service Workorders grid selected and open on the right, you can filter and sort those columns.

Take a look at the beta documentation provided for download for examples and details on how to filter, sort, move, pin and utilize the grids:

Page 29 onwards for a brief overview of using grids
The section Grids starting on 435 which provides information on how to filter a grid screen, how to move around in a grid (pin sort move columns), how to create/edit/delete data in a navigation grid, and how to create/edit/delete data in an entry screen grid table.
And tutorials such as Tutorial: Filtering and Sorting A Grid starting on page 61 and Tutorial: Using Custom Filters on a Grid starting on page 66.
The beta documentation is not complete (some features not detailed, screenshots not completed, etc) but it definitely gives you additional details on use of AyaNova.

[AyaNova Tech Support note]

AyaNova 3 allows you to filter directly from the grid where your workorders are listed. And with AyaNova v3.2, you can save common filters so you can easily switch back and forth between different views as needed

[AyaNova Tech Support note]

Check out the new List All Workorders feature in AyaNova 4 - (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)