I need a manual for a July 2001 release of AyaNova

A client has asked me to track down a manual for a July 2001 release of AyaNova-- he is willing to pay a new purchase price for it as he may not have liscence data-- acn you help?

Kate Vranich

Hello Kate, we’d be happy to help, simply email our tech support department privately at support@ayanova.comwith the client’s contact information that they would have used at the time of purchase and their current contact information (and email address)so we can confirm their license status and we will be happy toguide them through upgrading at no charge to the most current release of AyaNova CE ( complete with manual.

Hi Kate, it just occured to me that we might have a copy of the old manual in the vault on a CD, I’ll dig through them and see if I can track one down. I strongly recommend that anyone using that old a version of AyaNova should upgrade though as soon as possible and we will be happy to help.

I’ll get back to you and let you know what I find.

Hi Kate, went through the archives and found the manual for version 1.8 from April 2002.There were no “manuals” before that version, just some quickstart text files and the integrated help within the program.Let me know if you want it.

Hi John,

Is it possible for you to email me the quickstart text files for any release from the or before? What wold that cost with noliscense?



Hi Kate, before I start digging through the archives again, I think it’s time that we be told what this information is really going to be used for. Apparently we had a similar request from someone working in the USPTO who declined to tell us why they needed it and now your request. I’m not averse to tracking down what is required as long as it’s in a good cause.

If you would prefer to take this offline you can respond to support@ayanova.com.