I wish to see some of the AyaNova CE functionality brought back in AyaNova 3

I am hearing complaints from our technicians that due to lack of hyperlinks in AyaNova 3 their productivity is suffering. Two of the most often-used hyperlinks that allowed them to move freely between records no longer exist in AyaNova 3.

When they used AyaNova CE they had the freedom to work more efficiently because having hyperlinks allowed them too quickly and easily access any other record elsewhere in the program without losing their starting place. Now they have to exit the records they are working in, switch to grids, then perform lookup-searches to do the same tasks that one click on a hyperlink did.

Here are my wishes:

  1. Add the ‘Customer’ hyperlink back to the work order screen.

  2. Add the ‘Units’ hyperlink back to the Client record.


What were “hyperlinks” in AyaNova CE are now “jump buttons” in AyaNova v3

For example, in the AyaNova v3 service workorder entry screen, click the Client’s “jump button” to open that client’s entry screen.

And for example, in the AyaNova v3 service workorder entry screen, drop down the list of unit’s owned by that client in the Unit sub-screen. And just like the Client jump button, click on the Unit jump button to open that unit’s entry screen directly from the service workorder

And if you are not in a workorder entry screen, and you want to see a list of unit’s owned by a specific client, than in the Units grid, filter by the client name column for that specific client, and all unit’s owned by that client will display in the grid

To get the most out of AyaNova v3, I would suggest going through the AyaNova v3 Manual available from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm - review such sections as “Timesaving Tips & Shortcuts” and “The Service Workorder Entry Screen”.

I apologize for not being clearer in my explanation. When I referred to “move freely between records” I meant any Client Records.

In AyaNova CE the Customer hyperlink in the work order screen allows the user to select and open any customer’s Customer Record independent of the customer whose work order is open at the moment.

As is easy to observe in your example and in the manual, the AyaNova 3 ‘jump button’ does allow for selecting a customer’s Client Record but only for the customer whose work order is presently open. It does not allow an option to select another customer’s Client Record.

One of our technicians demonstrated for me, when dealing with more than one customer, he had to perform three additional steps including exiting the open work order in order to accomplish the same task that he was able to do in AyaNova CE with a single click on the hyperlink.

The Customer hyperlink in the AyaNova CE work order screen allowed him to ‘multi-task’ without having to close the open work order.

There is no ‘jump button’ in the Client Record to select a Unit. There was a hyperlink in AyaNova CE to Units and that made adding customer’s units a breeze.



Hi Bob

You are correct - you can not open a different client record in a service workorder other than the client that workorder is for. The workorder is for a specific client, and the client is pre-selected before the workorder entry screen is opened.

There is not a feature to open other client’s entry screens from the workorder for this reason.

If you do need to access a different client’s entry screen, you would need to close the service workorder entry screen if it is not for that client.

Do note that you can add additional new units for the client from that client’s workorder entry screen without having to close the workorder entry screen. In the workorder Unit sub-screen, with no unit selected, click on the Unit “jump button”. This opens a new empty unit entry screen where you can enter and select the details for that unit.

This way, in a workorder for a specific client, if the unit needed to be serviced is not in the existing list, you can easily add it, and when you save the unit entry screen, that new unit will be available for selection in the workorder entry screen without having to exit that workorder.

  • Joyce