If get a UTFDataFormatException error running QBI....

Hi, we wanted to post here for other QBI users if you ever receive a similar message when you run QBI:

An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException, Message:invalid byte 1 (’) of a 1-byte sequence.SAXParseException: error at line 6964, column 17 in XML data.

A service company using AyaNova and QBI 5 very graciously sent us their QuickBooks data company file so that we could figure out why this was happening for them as we could not recreate.

It appeared to be thatthis service company’s QuickBooks datahas one or more hidden client records that do not show in the QB user interface andare invalid and as a result cause the Intuit interface to fail before it can send the list of clients to QBI.

In their case, they manually removed the client records, and ran verify and rebuild.

If you encounter this issue, upgrade to the latest version of AyaNova and QBI which will resolve this issue.
If any questions about this issue, please send the following directly to support@ayanova.com

a copy of your ayalog.txt file from the computer’s AyaNova program folder
what version of AyaNova are you using
what version and country of QuickBooks are you using (i.e. Canadian QuickBooks Pro 2009 or US QuickBooks Premier 2009, etc)
the exact message you are receiving when you run QBI
your question

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