If you have an issue

If you have a question or are experiencing an issue, our aim is to get you back up and working ASAP.

To be able to do that, please do perform the following when posting:

Stop. When your computer does something unexpected, do not automatically uninstall, or make configuration changes – unless you know that this is what the solution would be

i. Do nothing until you’re calm, and don’t do anything that you think might be dangerous.

ii. By all means try to diagnose the fault yourself, but if you do, and than contact support, please ensure to provide exactly any changes to the system or AyaNova when you attempted to diagnose the issue yourself as this usually impacts the solution greatly.

Be specific. If you can do the same thing two different ways, state which one you used. “I selected Meter Reading” might mean "I clicked on the Meter Reading menu option at the top of the service workorder entry screen " or “I selected the Unit jump button within the Units sub-screen in the service workorder entry screen. The Unit entry screen opened. I selected the Meter Reading jump button”. Say exact what you did and what you see.

Give more information rather than less. If you say too much, support can ignore what is not relevant. If you say too little, support has to come back and ask more questions. Providing a single sentence at a time may result in an issue that could have been resolved in one reply taking 20 replies to resolved.

Be careful of pronouns. Don’t use words like “it”, or references like “the window”, when it’s unclear what they mean.

i. Consider this: “I started AyaNova. It put up a warning window. I tried to close it and it crashed.” It isn’t clear what the user tried to close. Did they try to close the warning window, or the whole of AyaNova? It makes a difference. Instead, you could say “I started AyaNova, which put up a warning window. I tried to close the warning window, and AyaNova froze, and than my computer gave me a blui screen and rebooted all by itself.” This is longer and more repetitive, but also clearer and less easy to misunderstand.

Read what you wrote.
Read the request for support back to yourself, and see if you think it’s clear.
If you have listed a sequence of actions which should produce an issue, try following them yourself, to see if you missed a step.
Include full text of any error messages and exact steps to recreate.
If you receive an error message, be sure to provide all of the text of the error - and just as important - exactly what was done where and how to recreate getting that error.
It may be something we have not encountered because we have not done the exact same steps as you, or it may be that the “error” is actually a warning message that tells you something specific that you need to do.

If AyaNova is installed, attach your ayalog.txt file along with your questions
The ayalog.txt file is located in the AyaNova program folder on each computer you have AyaNova installed to. By default this is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova This file includes information that can be very helpful in being able to answer any questions you have as shows the version in use, what configuration, etc. Do always include.

Providing the above when posting a question about the issue in this support forum or when sending an email means that we will be able to help you much much faster, which means you can get back to work much much faster.