ImportClientCSV or ImportPartCSV utility and Excel files

Although you can use Excel to initially manipulate your import csv file (correct order of fields,number of fields, empty fields, etc),a CSV file created or saved by Excel will 99% of the time cause an error to occur as an Excel csv format file will not include quotes, sometimes will not make allowances for empty fields, may misinterpret returns or comma’s in the field as being a separate field.

If you presently have an Excel file that is in correct format for the number of fields and placement of fields, and for data – once that is completed, than it is suggested and recommended to use Microsoft Access for the final save of the csv file to correctly format it.

Import it into a table in Microsoft Access. Right click on the table, select Export…, select CSV from the drop down list and the CSV file will be created correctly with quotes and commas.

If you do not have Microsoft Access, once you have correctly formatted the CSV file using Excel, we would be happy to have you can zip it up using WinZip and email it to us to have us import your Excel csv file into Access and export it again to get the final CSV format correct after you have correctly ordered the columns, number of columns etc.

The Import / Export utilities are available for download from under Related Downloads.

Detailed information on use and format are found in the latest release of the AyaNova v3 Manual also available from