Import/Export Utility - Ability to manipulate CUSTOM Fields

Is there a way to get the import/export utility to be able to deal with the ‘unit.label.custom#’ and related fields for clients. We are using these fields to be able to store maintenance dates, unit system, location information, etc. Without the ability to import and export this data to and from these fields we are having to manually deal with this data. Not only does this represent hundreds of records that have to be updated daily by hand, I am sure you are aware as well at how manual data entry and introduce all kinds of errors and similar issues. This would be a high priority feature for my business.


Hello Scott

Possibly yes with a custom designed utility!
Not with the generic ImportExportCSV utility as it is but yes possibly with a custom designed utility specifically for your company’s needs.
I would invite you to contact us directly via email, providing the following, and will have development take a look to get you an guesstimate on the charge to design a custom utility for you and your company, and we can go from there:

*What exact AyaNova record this is for:   Units
*What you wish it to do:         import from a CSV file that includes unit's custom fields,  export to a CSV file that includes unit's custom fields
*exact details of the CSV file's fields for importing:
    provide example CSV file of records that would be imported
    with identification of each specific AyaNova unit field that correlates to each of that CSV file's fields
    screenshot of your Unit entry screen in full
    screenshot of your Unit Custom Fields screen in full
*exact details of the AyaNova record's fields for exporting:
    identification of which specific fields are to be exported to CSV
*anything else that may be relevant
  • Joyce