Importing Parts - do not import unless will actually use

Recently we had an AyaNova user contact us because creating a new workorder or opening an existing workorder would take about20 to 30 seconds to open to see the workorder entry screen.

Determined that they had over 32,000+ parts imported into their AyaNova Firebird Server database - of which they are actually using only about 2000.

When a workorder entry screen opens (whether creating a new workorder or editing an existing), AyaNova pre-loads the list of potential parts you might select.

Because this company had so many parts, it takes time to list all of them in the workorder.


  1. Change to a SQL database configuration. SQL can handle more data than Firebird Server can. Do note though that SQL has higher hardware requirements than Firebird Server, so do check on a regular basis how your server is handling (CPU, memory, etc)

  2. Delete (or set inactive) parts that you do not use to minimize the list of parts retrieved.

Take advantage of the example report template at get a list of parts you have actually used in workorders.

  • Joyce