Importing text from QB to Ayanova

Once I have created an invoice from Ayanoa in QB can I use that information from that invoice and import it back into AyaNova to create a work order? I know this sounds confusing. Can the text from the descriptive text field be taken out of an invoice (created by importing the data from Ayanova to QB) and exported to AyaNova into a work order? Basically copying the invoice (orginally created from Ayanova data) into a work order.


Hello Debbie

The information from AyaNova is from an AyaNova workorder. QBI takes the information from that AyaNova workorder to create a QuickBooks invoice. QBI can not take the information from the QuickBooks invoice to create a new AyaNova workorder.

Please explain why you want to create a new workorder from an existing QuickBooks invoice that was already for an existing AyaNova workorder, and then with this informiton I may better understand what it is that you wish to do, and can point you in the right direction

  • Joyce

I wanted to do this in order to recreate a work order from an invoice. We had a copy of the Ayanova database on one computer and then had to put that copy on another computer. Since we were not able to do this (according to your license agreement databases can not be transfered to another computer), all the work orders in the original databasewas lost. We thought we might be able recreate the work orders in the new database but exporting the invoice information into Ayanova.

Hello again Debbie

As above, you can not create an AyaNova workorder from a QuickBooks invoice.

As identified in all of my replies regarding moving and copying databases, you are correct in that you can not make a copy of an existing database and use it elsewhere, as that would violate the AyaNova license agreement as only ever one instance of the licensed database can be used. As also identified in my replies to you and in forum topics throughout this forum, the database can be moved - just as a user might in the instance of getting a new server, and the AyaNova database moved to the new server.

  • Joyce