Inactive users only show as b0039f72-

Hi there,

I have a question regarding old user information in Work orders. The import worked fine. I am checking older Work orders and found that inactive techs don’t show up with there name anymore only with a string as b0039f72- and so on. Is this possible to show the names?


Couple things:

  1. Once you have imported AyaNova CE data, one of the first things to do, is to set the Active status of all users, and re-enter their usernames and passwords (as all imported users are set to inactive, and their usernames and passwords are not imported).

Otherwise, workorders that are not closed and did have these users selected, would not be able to show these users.

  1. Once you have set the Active status of users, confirm against the AyaNova CE data on the user against the data on the same user in AyaNova v3 - check if this user is set to the type Schedulable User in AyaNova v3 (compares to checkmarked at a technician in AyaNova CE .)

Only users set to type Scheduleable User will display in a workorder in AyaNova v3.

If the user is presently not set to Schedulable User , but they were schedulabled in previous workorders in AyaNova CE, than the imported AyaNova CE workorder where that user was selected will not show the user in AyaNova v3 - as only users of type Schedulable User will display in workorders in AyaNova v3.

If a user was of type Schedulable User but is now Inactive, their name will continue to display in a closed workorder.

  1. Is the imported workorder checkmarked Closed?

Let me know what you see regarding the user settings in AyaNova CE, the user settings in AyaNova v3, the Closed checkmark of the workorder in AyaNova v3.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for the response. I have done everything you recommended. The only think I can’t do is to set the old Technician (left last year) active because this would exceed the amount off licenses we have. That’s where the problem is.

There Workorder are closed and everything else is fine.

Thanks and Happy Eastern to the fabulous AyaNova team. Great Job.

Hi again

Is the user set as a type Schedulable User in the user enty screen in AyaNova v3?

If not, do so, exit out of AyaNova v3, log back in, and now check the closed workorder. Does the user name now show?

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce

I can’t we have 15 scheduled Techs and all Licenses are used. The other techs don’t work here anymore. But we need the history to lookup info.



If a user of type Schedulable User is not checkmarkedActive, than the user does not take up a license.

Make sure the user is set as type Schedulable User and is not checkmarked Active

  • Joyce