Including specific Preventive Maintenance Checklists on Ayanova Service Tickets

Our technicians perform preventive maintenance on the equipment that we install. The there is a different checklist for each piece of equipment and the checklist may vary depending on whether the PM is a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual.

Would it be possible for the specific checklist or checklists to be included on the Ayanove service ticket?


Certainly, use the Tasks subsection of the workorder or PM to select one or more specific checklists that you have pre-made.

See more about Tasks (same whether via Service Workorder or via PM) starting with the online Help section

And the Sample Dispatching Report also includes displaying these tasks when printing a service workorder (no need to print a PM, as you generate a service workorder from a PM and that is when you actually print etc) which you can also refer to if you want to see how done so can use in a customized report template.

Have you also followed along with the tutorial on creating a PM and generating workorders from that PM? These would be very helpful if you have not yet become familiar
Start by reviewing and its section
And follow along with the tutorial

Let me know if any additional questions

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I am also trying to accomplish this…attach a PM checklist to the workorder. However, my PM checklist is a document (can be word, excel, pdf).

How would I accomplish attaching this to the workorder and also so that it prints out with the workorder?

Hi Mike

If is a separate document that you want to associate with the service workorder, a few suggestions:

  1. If you do not require access to this document from different locations, and you want this document to NOT be stored within your AyaNova database, link to it via the Document menu option for the workorder as per

This feature would require that you open in the program the document was made (i.e. Word) and print from there. AyaNova does not have readers for other Word, Excel, Adobe, etc

  1. If you DO require access from anywhere (i.e. different computers, when out of the office, etc) so you want the document stored WITHIN your AyaNova database, upload it via the WIKI for that workorder as per

This feature would also require that you open the document in another program (i.e. Word or Adobe or whatever it needs) to be able to print. AyaNova does not have readers for other Word, Excel, Adobe, etc

  1. If the checklist is common for many different workorders, a suggestion may be to enter right into a report template itself, so that when you print off a report for that workorder, it also includes this checklist.
  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I was able to add the PM Checklist as a Report Template like you advised. It was a very helpful suggestion.

I was wondering if there is any way to make the report template associate with a specific client or specific “work order status” type?

What I am trying to get at is if I print the PM service workorder, I want the PM report template to also print without me having to go back and manually select it.

Does this make sense and if so, is it possible?

Hi Mike, Joyce is away but I can answer that for you.

  • There is no way to associate a particular report with a particular record at present however there are two options I can think of that might ease this:
    Joyce is the reporting master here but I think you can optionally make sections in a report print or not through code, so it seems it might be possible to associate some data (like workorder status) that comes to the report with specific types of clients that you want the extra checklist to print on. I.E. in code check if a certain field contains certain data and optionally show or not that section. Joyce could answer that more fully for you if you want to go that route, she should be back tomorrow.

  • Or, not as slick but you could simply duplicate the report and name it " … - NO CHECKLIST" and select it manually instead of the other one.

Hello Mike

I would be happy to help provide suggestions.

Do provide specifics of exactly what you have done when you wrote “I was able to add the PM Checklist as a Report Template” - as I am not sure if you have customized a report template, and/or are using Documents, and/or are using Wikipage or Wikifiles and the details of this. Details be important!
If a report template, do also export the report template to a file
Also too, when you write “PM service workorder” do you mean a Preventive Maintenance order, or do you mean a service workorder that was generated from a Preventive Maintenance order (so I am not incorrectly referring to the wrong entry screen).
Or as John suggested, make a copy of the existing report template and customize it further so it does not include or does include what you want, and naming it so its easy to select when a certain status
There may be other suggestions too, depending on the context of what you actually have and what you want to do
Hear from you soon

  • Joyce