Incorrect sort order in Banked Service Report

Hi Joyce,

I created a Summary Banked Service Report template using the Report Writer’s Wizard from within the service bank screen.

The only changes I made to the template were field formatting, added a script to strip the time off of the Date/Time field, and added a Collection to Sort by the Effective Date.

I set the Collection field to sort inAscending order on theEffective Date field but the reportdoes notsort inascending order.

I have attached the template and a .pdf report that shows the sort results I am getting.

Please advise.



Hi Bob

I have just posted in the Sample Report Templates section a new sample report template based on Effective Date and the sort of the Bank Service grid before printing.

Setting a Collection groupsort on the Effective Date field will not work with this report template. The sort must be performed on the grid itself before running the report template. And the sort, for the scripts to work correctly, must have the first effective date listed first.

  • Joyce

The template you created is excellent!

It not only provides the running-tally I’ve needed but it also helped meidentify a major foul-up made months ago with a customer whosebanked service entries were entered incorrectly. The report let me easily seethe negativeresult of what occurred whenthe computer’s system date was set back in time trying to force a banked service entry to show as “entered” on a particular date.

I amfairly certainI will needfor your assistance in straightening it out. I will post my plea in the appropriateforum for help.

Thank you,