Indicate a carriage return with a combined script

An AyaNova user has contacted us with the following information they would like posted on the forum to share with other AyaNova userson how to have a carriage return in a control field so that the first field is displayed above any other fields such as if you want the Address line to display on the first line, and then the city and state and postal on a second line all with one script:

(the script example below is based on a control field named label26, and the datafields are located ina DetailReport band: " "

private void label26_OnBeforePrint(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs e)
label26.Text = string.Format("{0}\r{1}, {2} {3}", DetailReport.GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_DeliveryAddress”), DetailReport.GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_City”), DetailReport.GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_StateProv”), DetailReport.GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_Postal”));

AND also set the Behavior property Multiline for the label to Yes