initial setup to erase database


i am starting ayanova and tried to clear the whole database but it seems it will be a lot of work to enter all the data again. i would like to know if you can just delete the customers, workorders,users,schedule items and parts and leave everything else so i do have to setup default stuff like workorder status and user groups etc.



Using the Erase entire database option via Help -> License when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator deletes all data except for reports, tax codes, the AyaNova Administrator account, global settings, and localization as in detailed in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Wiping the AyaNova Database”.

If instead you want to be selective on what is deleted, than you would open each item and delete - i.e. open the workorder entry screen, and delete. open the next wo and delete, etc

ButI’m wondering if you are"throwing the baby out with the bathwater" - did you try the other suggestions I made such as repairing .NET, repairing IIS etc before going to such extremes as per

  • Joyce