Install QBI 1.2 on Terminal Service 2003 Server

I was able to install QBI on my desktop, and it runs OK with QB2005.

Installed it on Windows Server 2003, Terminal Services server. It runs when I’m logged in as Admin but not as a user.

Also, what executable should the QBI shortcut point to?

QBI Regular points to “C:\Program Files\AyaNova\qbi\qbtrialsc.exe”

QBI Trial sohortbut points to “C:\Program Files\AyaNova\qbi\ayqb.exe”

I have already licensing this product in the past.

Please help,


Hi Eric

Do go through the troubleshooting suggestions in the topic

Do identify the results of each suggested troubleshooting, and I will help troubleshoot with you.

When you first installed QBI 1.2.2, two icons were installed to your desktop:

AyaNova QuickBooks Interface is the icon from which to run the QBI program. The executable to run is “C:\Program Files\AyaNova\qbi\ayqb.exe”

Whereas AyaNova (QBI trial special edition) is the icon to run the special copy of the AyaNova 1.9 program and databasewhile trialing QBI 1.2.2. The executable to run this trial is “C:\Program Files\AyaNova\qbi\qbtrialsc.exe”

Once you licensed QBI, you are to have deleted this AyaNova (QBI trial special edition) icon as it would only be used for testing out QBI 1.2.2 before purchase.

  • Joyce