installing to sql on sbs server

Im trying to install the trial version to the sql 2000 on our SBS2003 server, when I use the ToMYSQL tool I get the following error.

SQL Connection failed, check your connection string, full error was:

Login failed for user ‘sa’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

The message you are getting may be because permissions are not set or because you have set up Windows Only Authentication - there is no way for sa to log in.

Have SQL set for both Windows and SQL Server Authentication, and than perform the steps again. ReviewMicrosoft’s KB on this message

  • Joyce

I’ve tried what was suggested and still get the same error, only this time it takes longer to come up.


Please provide specifics on what you did. This way I am not assuming you have done something, when it may have been not done.

  • Joyce

Hi again

Did you get your SQL permissions issue resolved?

If not, do provide specifics so that I can help.

  • Joyce