Insufficient stock warning not displaying correctly

When I am entering a part on the W/O which has known insufficient stock, the the popup screen which is supposed to warn you and ask if you want to order more is not being displayed. If I go back an re-enter another qty. much higher than the original qty. the warning popup will then be displayed. I have attached pictures showing this, it is the second item in the parts list.




I am not seeing an issue with what you show.

A popup notice about insufficient inventory quantity will display when the number entered in the Qty field is more than what your AyaNova database has in stock.

In your screenshots provided, when you first selected the part, you had a total of 3 in stock - so therefore no popup would display because you DO have sufficient stock for a Qty of 1, you actually had 3 in stock.
And then when you edited this part record’s Qty to 100, then the popup will occur because the quantity you entered is more than what you have in stock.

OR it may be that when 10 was originally selected, at that time there was 10 in stock? I do not have information from you of what was the stock amount at that specific time that 10 was selected?

What would be highly recommended would be to double-check from the beginning to ensure what’s happening at that specific time.

If you are still experiencing an issue or if I am misunderstanding what’s happening please provide more details to explain.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

The original qty. I input was 10, the amount that is actually in stock is 3, I then expected the warning to show up and it did not. I went back and changed the qty to 100 and the warning appeared as expected.\


Also check to see if similar to the following is what happened:

  1. Part ENT-680C at this exact moment of step #1 has a quantity of 10 in stock
    Quantity is taken “out of” stock when the Used In Service is checkmarked in the workorder for the part.

  2. You originally selected that part ENT-680C and quantity of 10, and there was no popup at that time.
    Because at this point there is still 10 in stock because you have not checkmarked the Used in Service. When the Used in Service is checkmarked is when that quantity is actually taken out of inventory.

3 The same part and warehouse is selected by yourself or someone else in another workorder with a quantity of 7, and the Used In Service is checkmarked.
When set to Used in Service at that point is when the 7 are taken out of inventory and a quantity of 3 is actually at this point in time the quantity that is in stock.

  1. Now back to your workorder, where you now edit the quantity to 100.
    Because now the quantity in stock is less then what you edited, now is when AyaNova displays the popup that there is only 3 in stock.

It would be recommended to check and see what was the In Stock amount at each point you entered in the workorder - what was the On Hand quantity for ENT-680C when you first selected ENT-680C and set the quantity to 10 in this workorder? And what was the On Hand quantity for ENT-680C when you edited that part record’s Qty from 10 to 100?

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

The stock level for part ENT-680C was 3 when I created the work order this morning. When I put a qty. of 10 on the parts list I should have gotten a warning that the stock level was insufficient and I did not. I was put in a different qty of 100 just to see what would happen and the warning appeared as it should.


Hello again

I am not able to recreate what you are experiencing. Perhaps how I am doing so is not exactly how you are doing so.
So that we can confirm exactly what is happening and why and how to resolve, my recommendation would be to redo the steps from the start, identifying exactly what you see where, what is selected, etc etc walking me through so that I perform the exact same steps.

Start with:

  1. Screenshot of the part in your Part Inventory (refresh so definitely shows the latest) showing xx On Hand amounts for xxx specific warehouse.

  2. Then exactly what you do in which fields in what order in a new workorder ? i.e. create new workorder, in Parts subsection for a new record under column Part drop down selected xxxxxx (warehouse selected shows as xxxxx, Qty automatically entered is xxxx) -> tab to Qty field and edit Qty to xxx -> tab off to next field and AyaNova popup displays advising there is not sufficient stock
    The exact order you select, as well as how you select/enter/edit may be important.

  3. Provide what exact version (not just the first two numbers, the whole version i.e. 9)) of AyaNova that is in use

  4. Provide what your AyaNova configuration is - stand-alone or networked

  5. If networked, what exact database server and version (i.e. Firebird Server 2.1.1 or SQL Express 2008 R2, or ?)

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

The beginning balance for P/N ENT-680C is shown in attachment WO2.

I then open a new service order selecting client NHRO
I then click on the parts tab in the lower left of the screen to enter in the parts I need.
I enter a qty. of 10
I then select the P/N ENT-680C from the drop down list and hit enter. Attachment WO3 shows the resultant screen, no warning.
I then changed the qty to 100 and hit enter with the warning screen appearing as shown in attachment WO4

I decided to try changing the entry order and selected the Part first and then the qty. and it seems to work. Please try both ways.

I am on a stand alone PC running Windows 8
Version is Ayanova (Hotfix8)



Thank you for providing your steps.
Yes, the steps taken are why the popup is not occurring.

  1. Select the Warehouse and Part first.
  2. Then enter the Qty for that part and warehouse - so that AyaNova knows what part and warehouse’s On Hand Amount to compare the Qty to that you then enter/edit.

I’ve also placed on developments to do list to look in to see if further can be changed with this - but at this time, to ensure that the On Hand amount is compared against, select the Warehouse and Part first.

  • Joyce