Internet Mapping Service Integration

I work for a Municipal electric utility and have been researchingvarious W.O.M. systems. A suggestion for possible enhancements to your system would integration with a mapping service such as Google/Yahoo map for locating/routing of workorder location. We will be looking at the API and ASP app. when they are available to do this integration with our internal mapping services. In our case we want to be able to attached workorders directly to individual facilities(poles, transformers, meters, etc.) that are installed out in the field, thus allowing for spacial analysis of workorder distribution.

Jerremy DunlapGIS AdministratorCity of Traverse City, Michigan

Hi Jerremy

Thank you for posting your suggestion. In preparation for this as a feature down the road, you will note that Physical Address for Head Offices, Clients and Units have latitude and longitude fields. We do have mapping integration on our list of features to add in future releases.

Thank you again

  • Joyce