*Inventory Cost by warehouse location Is now a feature in AyaNova 4*


I am trying to run a report where I can determine my part inventory cost for each wharehouse location. I would also like to determine the overall value of inventory at each wharehouse location.

I can show the part number, qty, etc. I just cannot add a price to each item. Any suggestions?

Hi McDarnit

The Part Inventory grid summary report template does not include the ability to show retail or cost information for eachpart - and is therefore not able at this time to derive the on hand value.

It is a very interesting idea and I will move this to the Wish List for development to look into adding as a feature.

Thank you for your suggestion.

  • Joyce

AyaNova 4 will include part cost and price for the part displayed so that reports determining the On Hand cost, price etc can be designed. Will posta sample report template to the sample report templates section of this forum at the same time AyaNova 4 is released.

[EDIT:sample report template for inventory costs and value http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3684-103-1.aspx]