Inventory - if have one warehouse with multiple internal bins/locations?

i would like to have locations of parts in the main warehouse it is a large warehouse and we keep parts in locations such as racks or drawers each of these locations are labelled they are not a warehouse, they are locations in the warehouse. i tried to add a custom field and label it location but it comes up only onthe inventoryparts grid. i would like a location for each individual part that is serialized so i would like to be able to see where the physical location of the part is in the inventory, parts inventory grid. can i add a field that would show up in this grid


AyaNova has the ability to assign inventory to what we call Part Warehouses (as you can localize to whatever you want). Its totally up to you what you enter as a Part Warehouse as every AyaNova user may have a different warehouse system.

If you have one warehouse that has locations within the warehouse, than a suggestion is to create Parts Warehouses to be each location, instead of the warehouse in general. This way you can than assign inventory to each location by selecting the location.

For example: if the warehouse locations are identified as Bins, you might have the following each as a Part Warehouse:

  • Bin#445
    -Bin #447

If you have more than one warehouse, a suggestion is than to pre-fix each Part Warehouse with the warehouse name and than the location

For example: If you havea main warehouse on 5th Street, and secondary warehouse on Green Ave, you might have Part Warehouses entered such as :
-5th St - Bin#445
-5th St - Bin#446
-5th St - Bin #447
-Green Ave - Bin #222
-Green Ave - Bin #223
-Green Ave - Bin #224

Do note that when you select a part for a workorder, you need to select the precise warehouse to be able to obtain the quantity from that warehouse.

  • Joyce

that makes it difficult to set the default warehouse to a tech i have a tech in the office that does parts orders and it would be nice if he was able to use parts without selecting the warehouse all the time

Hello again

If you want to assign a warehouse to a specific user, than no, the above would not work for you, because you would than have as a “part warehouse” actually being a bin in a warehouse - potentially hundreds.

AyaNova v3 has the ability to create multiple warehouses, but so that it doesn’t imped use we did not include bins as well.

If being able to assign inventory to a specific bin is the most important, you may want to do as suggested above. But than it does mean that a user needs to know what “part warehouse” that item is into be able to select quantity to use in service, as well as it would not be practical to assign a “part warehouse” to a user as your “part warehouses” would be an indivdual bin.

  • Joyce