Inventory Reconciliation Form

Is there a way to not display the “In-Active” parts in the Inventory Reconciliation Form report. When I view a report, it shows both “Active” and “In-Active” parts. Does anyone know who to modify the Report Template to accomplish this?

Also, for the parts are have Serial #s being tracked, the report shows some with and some w/o the serial # details? Did find out that if you are in the parts inventory grid screen and expand the part to show the serial # of a particular part, it will then show up on the Inventory Reconciliation Form report. Is there a way around this? We have a lot of different parts with serial # tracking is important. It is not very efficient when we would have to go and click each part to expand/show the serial #s before viewing/printing up the report?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



Hi Alex

Yes, filter the grid before you print the report to show the data you want to show on the report. For example, filter on the Active column selecting True, so only parts checkmarked Active show.

I am not able to reproduce what you wrote about having to expand the serial numbers in the grid itself before could have the serial numbers show in the report.
Before viewing the report, I view the grid itself, and confirm which parts actually have actual serial numbers (you can tell because there is a + symbol on the extreme left column which means there are serial numbers in inventory - but in my example I DID NOT expand them).
Select the report.
Scroll through the report, and yes, the serial numbers do show on the report.

  • Joyce