Inventory Serial Number Problem


We are having a problem with inventory management and was wanting some advice. I have been putting parts in the inventory for several weeks now, not using the "track serial number" option. Then we decided one day that we needed to start tracking the serial numbers from that point forward.  We didn't bother going back and trying to enter serial numbers for past products.  I didn't realize that would be a problem until a day or so ago.

So, here’s what we have. We had 3 items in our inventory before we started tracking inventory, then we added 4 more parts to it, this time tracking each and every piece) But now we can only assign the parts with serial numbers to workorders. The ones we had previously are still in there, but we can’t do anything with them because they do not have serial numbers assigned to them.

We tried to just remove all mentioned parts from Ayanova but since we don’t have serial numbers for some I can’t remove them from inventory. Then I tried to remove the items with serial numbers then just revert back to not tracking the serial number but that didn’t work either. Ayanova gave an error that there were item histories with serial numbers and that I could not stop tracking serial numbers on those items.

Any advice on how to correct this?

Hi Jason, unfortunately the only way to correct this is for you to send me your database and I physically go in and edit the amount in inventory.

I realize this the horse has already left the barn, but if parts already were in inventory, before setting to True for Track Serial Number, you should have as outlined in the Parts section of the AyaNova 4 Help file about the Track Serial Number field :

removed the existing onhand parts from inventory using a Inventory Adjustment
Only then change the Track Serial field in the part to True (checkmark)
add the parts into inventory using a new Inventory Adjustment to add those parts back into inventory
if Track Serial is now selected, you will be asked for the serial number for each individual part quantity
What you will need to do is:

Have all users out of AyaNova and stay out
Make a backup of your AyaNova database
Zip up that database using WinZip and send to
Include in your email what the issue is,
identify the specific part by its number and its name
provide the AyaNova Administrator username and password
attach a copy of your ayalog.txt file
if AyaNova is networked using SQL, identify the specific version of SQL in use
I will than manually edit the database removing the additional on hand qty of that part from inventory, than back up the database, than send it back to you, where you will restore it, and than confirm the part quantity is now correct, and than users can now log back in.

We will be looking at with the next version of AyaNova that it won’t allow you to set the Track Serial Number to true if there are existing quantities of it onhand, so that you ensure those non-serialized quantities are taken out of inventory via a part adjustment before setting Track Serial Number to true.

Do let me know when you will be sending the database and other data listed above

  • Joyce

Just an update - received the database backup from the user this morning, made the internal edits and have sent it back all fixed.

If anyone else encounters this, do send all as identified above. We will be looking into adding a check in AyaNova for example to ensure that the non-serialized On Hand amounts is at 0 before allowing an existing part to be set to Track Serial Numbers to prevent this from occurring in the future.

  • Joyce