I have set-up the clients and purchase orders but I am wondering why it is not pulling my on-hand stock w/serial number out and showing there is zero on hand. It is also not linking it to the customer that purchased it.

Please provide specifics on what you have done so far in AyaNova, what screens/grids you are referring to, what you specifically expect to see where etc as I do not understand what you mean that by setting up clients and purchase orders you would see on-hand stock being taken out?

On-hand stock is “taken out” of inventory when the part and its quantity is selected in a Service Workorder Parts subsection, and the part is set to Used In Service.

For example:

Open a service workorder for a client
View the Parts subsection of the service workorder
Select a part that you know you have onhand amounts in AyaNova (you can quickly see this by viewing the Part Inventory grid in the Inventory navigation pane)
Enter in a quantity of 1
Checkmark the Used in Service
Save the workorder and exit
View the Part Inventory grid again and click the Refresh menu option
The OnHand amount will have decreased by 1 for this part as you “used it” in the service workorder

  • Joyce

I checked the used in service box but it will not accept a quantity. It gives me the red ! at the left side.


When you hover your mouse over the red ! on the left, what error message does it give you?

  • Joyce

Serial Number is a required field. Please enter a value for serial number.

It is not letting me enter the serial number though.



Hi Tiffany
You need to select an available serial number from the drop down field Serial Number in the part record in Parts in a service workorder. You can not manually enter a serial number, it must already be in inventory for you to select it.

Click in the Serial Number field for that part record you selected in Parts in the workorder to drop down a list of all serial numbers available for this part for the selected warehouse
What serial numbers are listed?
Select the appropriate serial number
Click on another field (i.e. Price) for it to take
Does the red ! now go away?
Now you can checkmark Used In Service, save and exit out of the workorder
If there are no serial numbers listed, that means you have not entered them into inventory either via a PO Receipt or via a Part Inventory Adjustment. If so, delete that part entry in the workorder and exit out of that workorder, than add the serial number(s) for that part into inventory.
You can also find this information about the Serial Number field in the Parts subsection of a workorder in the AyaNova 4 Help file section (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce

Ok, We sell power chairs and scooters and each one has a different serial number. When I put in a new part for one of them, it doesnt have a place for a serial number. It has a box to check to track serial number but no place to put a serial number. Also, For each chair that we receive in po received we put the serial number. Do I have to do that in parts also?

I strongly suggest that you review the inventory section of the AyaNova 4 Help file before you go any further - doing so will clear up this confusion.

Go to (url removed as for older version no longer supported) and review each inventory related section.

As per the section on Parts you do not enter a serial number in the Part entry screen. The part entry screen is where you enter the information about the part in general - its name, number, price, whether it is serialized or not.

And as per my previous posting, to enter actual inventory stock into inventory including serial numbers, you do so either via Part Inventory Adjustments (make sure you review xxx or when you receive inventory via a Purchase Order Receipt after ordering via a Purchase Order. The sections on Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receipts should also be reviewed so that you get an understanding of their use.

OR as also identified in the Inventory section of the AyaNova 4 Help file, you can turn off Inventory in AyaNova via Global Settings so that you do not have to receive stock, nor pre-enter inventory amounts and their serial numbers via Part Inventory Requests nor PO Receipts. Instead with inventory turned off, there is no Part Inventory Grid, no Purchase Orders or PO Receipts, and when you select parts in a service workorder, you can manually enter the serial number into the Description field.

  • Joyce

I have been reading and I am still lost. I made an adjustment with the serial number and also made a PO received with the serial number and in th service workorder it is still not giving me a drop down box to select in the serial number field. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Hello again

Why did you received the serialized part via a Purchase Order Receipt, as well as make a Part Inventory Adjustment and enter a serialized part? That receives two into inventory, and both with the same serial number? You would do one or the other only - otherwise you are putting the serial number into inventory twice.

If youstill are notable to drop down a list of serial numbers for that part in the workorder, that means you did not receive or make a part inventory adjustment of that precise part, or you did not receivethat serialized part,or you did not select thatprecise part for that precise warehouse with a serial number, or you haven’t entered a quantity for thatpart in the workorder- otherwise you would have that part show 2 serial numbers in the drop down field for Serial Numbers in the workorder.


(URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

You do need to be specific in telling what you have done - for example, identify exactly what part you selected in the PO REceipt, what warehouse, what quantity you entered, and what serial number you entered. Also same with the Part Inventory Adjustment. And what shows as on hand stock and its serial numbers in the Inventory grid. And what exactly is selected in that workorder Parts. Otherwise I could make an assumption you have done something, when you have not, that is causing the issue for you.

Do the following and be sure to provide specifics on exactly what you do and see if anything is other than it should:

View the Part Inventory grid in the Inventory navigation pane
As you gave the impression you had not received or entered any previous parts via part adjustments, this grid should show only the part(s) you received via that purchase Order Receipt, and the part(s) you entered into inventory via that Part Inventory Adjustment
Expand to show the serial numbers under the part by clicking on the + on the left of this grid
Make a screenshot of this grid showing the serial numbers and the part number/name and On Hand amounts. Zip up the screenshot using WinZip and attach to your reply
Now open the workorder you are have been referring to in your postings above (Do I assuming correctly that you have of course exited out of the workorder when you received into inventory and than open it again?)
select the Parts subsection
Now the part you have listed in the selected record - is the quantity 1?
The part you have listed in the selected record here - is the warehouse selected the same warehouse where the serial numbers were received into and show on the Part Inventory grid?
The part you have listed in the selected record here - is this the exact same part name/number that you received and that you added into invenotry via the part inventory adjustment?
If this part is the same name/number as the part in the Part Inventory grid, is the same warehouse, and you have a quantity of 1, drop down the Serial Number field to select from the list of serial numbers you put into inventory
Make a screenshot of this entire workorder including the part record. Zip up using WinZip and attach to your reply.

  • Joyce

Here are the snapshots and we have followed all the steps you have asked me to do and it still shows no drop down menu for the serial number.


In the ayanova.docx file, I do not see the Serial Number column - make the Part Warehouse field not so wide, and scroll to the right so that you see the field labeled Serial Number and than drag that column tothe left and do another screenshot - so that the Parts record looks like this below and is easier to see everything

(URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce

Thank You

OK - now click in the Serial Number field under the Serial Number column to drop down the list of available serial numbers for that part in that warehouse.

  • Joyce

Hold on a second - you have the Used in Service already checkmarked some how which means you can no longer edit this record.

Do the following:

  1. On the very far left of that record in Parts, click to highlight the entire row.

  2. Press the Delete button on your keyboard and delete this entry.

  3. Save the workorder and exit

  4. Open this workorder again

  5. Now select the part again, then its warehouse, now click in the Serial Number field in the Serial Number column to drop down the list of available serial numbers for that part in that warehouse.

Let me know, and if an issue, send a screenshot

  • Joyce

This is Terry Noel at Low Cost Mobility. This is where we have been communicating with you about all of our problems. Nothing that you have been giving us in this support forum has been helping us. We have completed all of the steps went back thru and read starting from the beginning and it has given us nothing but trouble.

Hello Terry

Please explain what you mean exactly.

There was nothing posted here by Tiffany after the last post, which I have to than assume that resolvedher issue - that she had checkmarked Used In Service and therefore could not edit the Parts record in the service workorder.

What steps are you referring to when you say you “have completed all of the steps went back thru”?

What is the exact problem you are now experiencing when you say “it has given us nothing but trouble”?

Do note I can only help if I am given specific information, and the above issue was from what I can see finally resolved when I figured out what she was experiencing because the Used in Service was checkmarked, as she never ever said in any of her postings that every field was uneditable - she only wrote that there was no serial number for selection

  • Joyce