Invoice Number Issue

When an Aya Nova workorder is invoiced in Peachtree, it automatically assigns the WO number as the invoice number in Peachtree. Is there a preference setting for PTI to not do this? Peachtree thinks they’ve already been printed because there’s an invoice number already, so it won’t batch print them, and prints “Duplicate” on them when you print them manually. I’m using Aya Nova 5 and Peachtree Quantum 2008.

Thanks, Julie

Hi Julie

Sorry, but I am not sure I understand what you mean by “Peachtree thinks they’ve already been printed because there’s an invoice number already

When you use PTI to invoice out an AyaNova workorder into Peachtree, as Peachtree’s SDK won’t automatically assign an invoice number via their SDK (their development code so that PTI can “talk” to it), and an invoice number is needed for the AyaNova workorder field Invoice #, PTI will give the AyaNova workorder number to the Peachtree invoice as its invoice number. (i.e. if the AyaNova workorder number is 64, the Peachtree invoice will be WO64)

As an AyaNova workorder number is never duplicated in AyaNova, there is not a way for PTI to give the same workorder number as an invoice number to Peachtree for another invoice - (unless you unclose that workorder and remove what was entered in the Invoice # field, reset Status etc so that PTI can invoice it out to Peachtree again - but than if you are doing that, that means you are purposely invoicing that same workorder again??)

Do let me know

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Maybe I can explain it better…Our Peachtree is set up to batch-print invoices, (all of them from the whole company, not just ones produced by Aya Nova) and an invoice # is not assigned (and the invoice not posted) until then.

(From Peachtree Help: “When you print invoices, you can choose to print invoices that have not been printed, which are those invoices saved or posted in the Sales/Invoicing window without an invoice number, or you can choose to reprint previously printed invoices.” )

OK, so when PTI sends an invoice to Peachtree, it assigns it a number, like you said. Now Peach sees that and thinks that invoice has already been printed (because it has a number), and won’t include it in the batch-print. Subsequently, when you go back to print it manually, Peach puts the word ‘Duplicate’ on it, because again, it thinks it’s already been printed.

In an effort to avoid this, I’m wondering if there’s a way in PTI to suppress the transferring of the number. By the sounds of your answer, it doesn’t seem that way…

Thanks, Julie

Hi again Julie

Thank you for the additional explanation, I now see what you mean and the situation.

Correct, at this time, PTI will always assign an invoice number which is WO and the AyaNova workorder number as a requirement to be able to create the invoice in PTI.

But I will certainly pass this onto development to see if there is now a way to have the option of suppressing the invoice number assignation.

Also do you have any suggestions that could be passed on to developmenton what would than be placed uniquely in the Invoice # field in the AyaNova workorder to signify that it has been invoiced in Peachtree but with out a Peachtree invoicenumber, if there is some way that development can work around this Peachtree SDK requirement?

  • Joyce

I had previously made this same request. What we’ve ended up doing is using it as more of a review process. So when PTI passes the WO over we can look and find all new invoices that have WO####, we review those invoices then just delete the WO number out of the invoice field. At that point Peach can go through its normal assigning process when doing batch invoices.
Previous request regarding this:

Hi again Chris

I wanted to update you about the feature wish - that PTI places nothing in the invoice # field in the PeachTree invoice and subsequently nothing in the workorder’s Invoice# field.

It is felt that this is not a feature that could be implemented because than there would be no cross-reference between the PeachTree invoice and the AyaNova workorder. We would get so many users emailing us saying that they don’t know what workorder goes with what invoice etc - there has to be something as the invoice # field to be a reference between the two.

I know that the other wish was for PTI to figure out what the PeachTree next invoice number would be, but that is not possible at this time.

In the case of the WO text prefixing - this is used to indicate that the invoice came from an AyaNova workorder, and therefore would not conflict with an existing invoice number that may be the same number as an AyaNova workorder. We picked WO as it had to be something.

If you have another suggestion on this, I would be very happy to pass it onto development, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

  • Joyce


Mainly what would be nice is options here. It could always be default that the WO# goes into the invoice field, but how about an option to place it in the PO field and have the Invoice NULL, or just not to put in any field at all. Again, it’s just the ability to have the choice of doing it that way. Peach has good search features at this point that the WO is already referenced in the top line and is very easy to find via search.

That’s my main wish is to have different choices, just like you have the choice to close or not close the WO upon invoicing. How about some link choices? Like allow the choice of linking client reference field to the PO field, or the WO to the PO field, etc. So basically what this is doing is allowing different options based on the different ways people are using the fields. Same request goes for the shipping address field. As I said, we changed this to be a “service address” on the Invoice. So when we bill to head office we could put the actual client address in that field and it’s easily recognizable.

If you can take what is going on with the linking of items and customers and just change it so we can link various fields in Ayanova to fields on the Peachtree invoice that would be HUGE in the way of options and choices.



Good idea, Chris! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. We have to go into the Peachtree invoice before its printed anyway to insert the Sales Rep ID (which I haven’t found a way to do automatically), so we could also delete the WO # at the same time. I’ll try it… :smiley: