Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been

This is a known issue that is purely cosmetic and does not harm your AyaNova

Development has continued to look into this with AyaNova 6 and now with AyaNova 7.

The issue has been narrowed down to the following:
some installations of Windows - i.e. Windows 7
*always only occurs when first loading AyaNova since Windows has been started
*always only occurs if Windows has been loaded within xx minutes

For example, turn on computer in the morning, as soon as it is up, start AyaNova and log in, and will get the error. Abort. Start AyaNova again, the error will not re-occur until the next time turn on computer.

In all cases when testing, error only occurs if computer just recently started. If computer was started, and than given 10+ minutes to complete loading all of its components, than no error occurs.

If anyone else has any additional information that they would like to provide, do let us know. Unfortunately at this time, it appears to be that the error occurs because Windows itself is not finished loading, and we continue to research for a resolution.