Is it possible to change workorder status to closed from the overview window?

I have a lot of workorders which I have to set to status: Closed, when they have been invoiced. It is pretty easy to find them all in the overview screen, but it is very timespending to open every single workorder and set the checkmark in Closed. It could be very nice if it was possible to close a case from the overview window. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi Thomas, good to hear from you

To ensure business rules are followed (i.e. each workorder is ready and capable of doing so) each workorder in AyaNova needs to be opened and individually set as you say.

But you can mass do so using the AyaNova API and AyaScript plugin with your development experience you could create your own custom script that is based on what specific criteria you need (i.e. Service Completed is true, invoice field is not empty) to do so.
As always when working externally with the database, make sure to have a successful backup before proceeding in case you need to restore and do again.

Or you can have AyaNova development do this for you. Please provide the following sent privately to so that an estimate can be provided to you:
[li] confirmation of the exact criteria that determines which workorders are to be set to Closed (i.e. are all workorders that are to be set to Closed are those that are all already set to Service Completed, and all have some text in the Invoice: field?)
[/li][li] full version number of AyaNova in use (i.e. 9) - obtain from Help -> About AyaNova
[/li][li] attach copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder
[/li][li] approximately how many workorder records would this need to be done for

  • Joyce