Issues fixed and new features in latest version of AyaNova 4

AyaNova 4.0.1

  • Schedule screen now displays 15 minute increments as previously in AyaNova 3
  • Schedule screen now displays scroll start at 8AM as previously in AyaNova 3
  • Schedule screen now shows highlighted “day” as 8AM to 5PM as in AyaNova 3
  • Direct Open field expanded in width to allow entry of larger workorder number before it scrolls to the right
  • Report designer and printing component updated to fix issue with CanGrow property
  • Report designer and printing component updated to fix issue with xrRichtext fields editing
  • Warrenty field in unit field correctly restricted to 255 characters

WBI 4.0.1

  • When logged in as Head Office, client selection now not cramped if client names are long
  • DevExpress xrRichText file now installed correctly
  • Search Database via WBI now active
  • **new feature *** Contract menu option now available read-only from workorder entry screen to let you see at a glance that the client has a contract

AyaNova 4.0.2

  • no fixes in AyaNova 4.0.2
  • new version to accomodate limited trial database installation that starts the 30 days on the date of install, instead of starting from Jan 7th

[FONT=Verdana]New optional add-on [COLOR=#5555bb]MBI 4.1.0 (mobile browser interface) released
AyaNova 4.1.0 Fixes

  • If had multiple filters already on the Service Workorders grid or Items grid, when List All Workorders for a client or unit, the previous filters will now be correctly removed before displaying all records for that client or unit.
  • Contract Expiry date will set it self to 2099 if no contract expiry date set - this is to work with requirement that there must be a contract expiry date for contract settings to be applied.
  • MRU list now able to open last view service template
  • Latest Scheduler component which also now shows color difference between scheduled items and the calender when printing graphically.
    Data Portal 4.1.0
  • if accessing AyaNova data via Data Portal connection, can now open objects without issues.
  • MRU List via Data Portal connection now displays last edited object correctly
    WBI 4.1.0
  • Now when select Save button in Global Settings via WBI, screen will automatically exit itself.
  • Menu options that are not applicable to WBI have been removed to prevent confusion (i.e. Purchase Orders New… menu option removed as can not create new PO’s via WBI; Import Report Template menu option removed as can not import report tempaltes via WBI, etc)
  • removed the “>” image showing at the top of the client WBI Service Request grid
  • if an issue with your WBI config.txt, WBI will now display a message referring you to check your config.txt
  • Follow Up selection/creation window automatically closes itself now when you create a new or view an existing so no confusion on what actuall Follow Ups are now available
  • Search Database via WBI now shows hyperlinks for Source so can open appropriate object from the results
    QBI 4.1.0
  • if a ready to be invoiced workorder has only Loan charges, will now be billable via QBI (used to show as Nothing To Invoice)

AyaNova 4.1.5 Fixes:

  • issue fixed where Generator responds with error “Source workorder type is not valid” that was due to the Generator attempting to generate a PM Template into a workorder
  • issue fixed where on Log Out and log back in, grid displaying would not neccesarily display until manually refreshed
  • issue fixed where would get error “An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 26, position 80.” if used List All Workorders on a client that had & symbol in their name
  • fixed issue whereby unable to open an entry screen from the grid after using List All Workorders feature
  • removed Active checkbox showing in Preventive Maintenance Template to prevent confusion, as a PM made from a PM Template is always by default set to inactive until the user specifically states is active.
  • fixed issue where a PM made from a PM Template was not previously transferring the Workorder Status selection and Generate Time Span and Threshold Time Span from the PM Template to the new PM
  • fixed issue whereby error message “Property value is not valid” and “Error: User is not authorized to change a Global or the object or field being changed currently is read only.” would occur if originally a user without rights to Global Settings had used the Log Out menu option and than a user with rights had logged in to change Global Settings.
  • previously if attempted to enter in a Service Workorder Start Number via Global Settings that was lower than the existing number, would get the error “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”, now it will just reset itself back to the original number - because you cannot enter a starting number lower than that already used.
  • removed filter icon on columns that have not and are not filterable - Shipped By column in Service Items and other grids; User column in Travel grid; Prepared By in Scheduled Users, Labor, Travel in Quotes navigation pane;
  • Vendor Name was actually identified in a summary or detailed report template for selection as “Unique Identification Number”. Have now added the “Vendor” selection to these report templates dataset and kept the Unique Identification Number so as not to affect existing reports for users.
  • fixed issue where printing custom fields, postal address fields or the Notes field via a detailed report template from the Vendors grid resulted in error text ErrorReadingValueException displaying.

AyaNova 4.1.5 features:

  • now when a new Schedule Marker is created where you had already selected a set start and end time for a specific schedulable user, that scheudlable user is already selected for you as the Source in the Schedule Marker
  • now notification for subsribed “Workorder item part request – parts received” is sent to the scheduled user in that workorder from where the part was requested, as well as the user who actually requested the part (was logged in and requested the part in the workorder).


AyaNova fixes:

  •      [b][u]Inventory**[/u][/b]Part request for less than a whole number (i.e. 0.5) now shows as Received when received via a PO Receipt so that inventory is correctly updated with that amount and can be entered as the quantity for the workorder that it was requested for.
  •      [b][u]Workorder**[/u][/b]workorders now automatically set qty to 1 if a serial number is selected to prevent users from saving a workorder with a serialized part with serial number selected set to qty of 0
  •      [b][u]Schedule Screen**[/u][/b]Now if using the up down left or right arrow in the Date Navigator on the schedule screen, will no longer receive the error "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index"
  •      [b][u]Security**[/u][/b]If a security group has all Administrative objects set to Forbidden (Global, Localization, Users) except for Reports which is set to Read-Only (so that the user can access reports but not edit report templates), the user will no longer receive error if the last time when they had access they had viewed the Global Defaults screen
  •      [b][u]Print Preview Menu**[/u][/b]For consistency sake, removed the Exit menu option in the Print Preview as the report components default graphic for Exit is a Red circle with white X which confused some AyaNova users as a similar graphic is used in the AyaNova program to delete the object viewing.
  •      [b][u]Templates**[/u][/b]Error "RatePickList: ID not found:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" no longer occurs if use a template that has no rate selected in Scheduled Users or Labor or Travel.
  •      Contract Expiry Date now maintains the exact date and time you enter and save it as.
  •      [b][u]Templates**[/u][/b]If a workorder or quote or PM template that has a rate pre-selected, and the client you use that template with has a pre-set Contract that restricts what rates can be used which is not the rate pre-selected in the template, will now still get the record created just without the rate selected
  •      [b][u]Data Portal**[/u][/b]Will no longer receive error that occurred via Data Portal connection "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__AWORKORDER__114A936A'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.aWorkorder' if generating a workorder from a PM and attempting to immediately edit it and save 
  •      [b][u]Global Settings**[/u][/b]Setting Default Language via Global Settings now applies that default locale to any new users created.
  •      [b][u]Unit Import/Export utility**[/u][/b]Now imports records without having to enter in a purchase date for the unit. Was previously giving error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" if no date was entered.
  •      [b][u]WBI**[/u][/b]Now able to delete a service workorder or quote or PM via WBI if have the rights to do so 
  •      [b][u]WBI**[/u][/b]if a user is part of a security group that has Object.ScheduleForm set to Forbidden, when log in via WBI will now be redirected to the Search Database section and the Schedule screen will not be viewable.
  •      [b][u]WBI**[/u][/b]now if security group has objects set to Forbidden, WBI user no longer sees its grid for selection - i.e. if Object.WorkorderPreventiveMaintenance set to Forbidden will not see the PM grid
  •      [b][u]WBI**[/u][/b]non-schedulable user's security group can now have Object.User set to Forbidden and still be able to view Schedule screen for schedulable users

AyaNova new features:

  •      [b][u]QBI**[/u][/b]compatibility with Australian/NZ QuickBooks 2008/2009 using the special AyaNovaQBI.exe replacement and QBFC7 as per the QBI 4 Help file installation steps
  •      [b][u]Schedule Screen to Service Workorder Item**[/u][/b]Estimated Qty field in Scheduled Users now automatically filled in for you when you create a new workorder item via the graphical Schedule screen
  •      [b][u]Schedule Screen**[/u][/b]Now have a visible division line between scheduled items in the graphical Schedule screen (i.e. if have a workorder item that goes from 10AM to 11AM, and another that goes from 11AM to noon, a line now shows between)
  •      [b][u]Units grid**[/u][/b]Description column in Units grid is now filterable
  •      [b][u]AyaNovaSetup file**[/u][/b]Have changed wording of setup options "Default setup with sample database" or "Network administrator setup (READ NETWORK SETUP INSTRUCTIONS FIRST)" This wording of the two options on setup should now prevent users from selecting network components when installing stand-alone that cause conflict on running the stand-alone default AyaNova, as well as prevent them from selecting network when they have not yet performed the networking steps.
  •      [b][u]MBI**[/u][/b]Now when you select Recent... via MBI when logged in as a schedulable user, the viewer is now available for you to now select to view workorder items's for this scheduled user
  •      [b][u]MBI**[/u][/b]Do note that if the scheduled users is scheduled in the same workorder more than once, that the order listed may not be exactly as last accessed - due to the MRU displaying on the workorder itself, not on the specific Scheduled User record in the workorder.
  •      [b][u]MBI**[/u][/b]If you have a compatible browser, your "cursor" will default to the username login field when you first load MBI. If your browser does not accept this, it will show as previous, in that you navigate to the login field yourself.
  •      [b][u]WBI**[/u][/b]compatible with FireFox 3
  •      [b][u]WBI Client Users**[/u][/b]Client (or Head Office) is now a required field in the User entry screen when creating a user that is of type Client User or Head Office Client User. This will prevent administrators setting up new WBI clients from forgetting to set which client or head office the login is for.