Issues with Filter

I am trying to create a filter that filters by shedulable user.

I am in the schedulable user grid and after saving the filter , it works fine the first time but if I come back to it the filter disappears …the filter symbol is back to white.


Hello Angela
Do always provide specific step by step of what you are doing so that we can exactly create or perhaps identify why it is doing this for you, and be sure to identify what version of AyaNova you are using.

I have no issues when I do the following:

In the Scheduled Users grid in the Service navigation pane, in the filter I select the specific tech Hank Rearden in the column User.
Only 2 records where Hank was selected as the scheduled tech now show
I save the Filter calling it “Hank’s Stuff”
I select to view Schedule Screen, make a new schedule marker, and than click on the Service navigation pane again which brings me back to viewing the Scheduled Users grid
It is still have the Hank’s Stuff filter selected and is still showing those 2 records
I select No Filter and all scheduled users records show
I select Hanks Stuff filter again, and again only the 2 records for Hank show.
Do state what version of AyaNova you are using. If you are not using the latest, make sure to update to the latest, and than do your steps again - being sure to write down each step you take so that I can recreate or possibily see where the issue is coming from in your specific siutation.

  • Joyce

Hi again Angela, do post back what you version of AyaNova is, and your exact steps.

  • Joyce

Hello Joyce,

Thanks for your reply.

My company is currently using Ayanova 3.6.


I select Service from the navigation pane --> Select Scheduled Users–> Click on the Filter symbol from the user column and select the user —> Save the filter ( Adding Name, selecting available to user )

It will filter but I soon as I refresh the grid or logout it will revert back to what it was before…but the grid’s menu still displays the filter I have created.

It happens only to this particular user. I have checked his rights but the other users from the same security group filters work fine. bu

Also I noticed that the filter symbol at the top of the column returns to white if I leave that grid and return to it again.

Thank you.


Hi Angela

Do the following and do post back:

Make sure that user is not logged into AyaNova on any station
Log in as the AyaNova Administrator
Move to the Administration navigation pane, and select the Users grid
Open the user entry screen for this user that you are logged into AyaNova as when this issue with the filter occurs
In that user’s entry screen, click on the button “Clear all users form customizations”
Save the user entry scree
Now log in as that user, and repeat the steps. Does the filtering now show correctly when you refresh or logout and back in?

  • Joyce

Joyce ,

I followed your instructions , but it still happen,especially if I logout

the refresh though is sporadic…what I mean it might happen after 3 times I refresh…


Hi again Angela, there must be something specific with this user that we have not encountered before.

Have all users out of AyaNova and close down any AyaNova related products (QBI, WBI, Generator, PTI, etc). Users will need to stay out until I reply.
Make a backup of your AyaNova database file
Use WinZip to zip up the backup file
Send via direct email to
Include in your email specific step by step instructions for me to exactly recreate exactly what is happening. Do not forget to include the login name and password of the user
Also include the AyaNova Administrator username and password (identify this as the AyaNova Administrator username and password)
I will attempt to recreate what you are experiencing with your data, and get back to you.

  • Joyce

Another thing, do also attach a copy of the ayalog.txt file to your emailfrom the AyaNova program folder on the computer where you have been running AyaNova with this user logged in and having this occur.

  • Joyce

Hi again, we have not heard back from you - have you resolved this? If so, do let us know. If not, do send as requested so that we can help.

  • Joyce