JDONE Blank Report Fields

Hi Joyce,

I’ve attached two templates I am having troubletrying to get the Client Name and Unit S/N to display on the report. I have quite a few other templates I am having the same issue with but these two are the ones I need to use presently.All were createdpre-version 3.3.3.

Iread through and tried the suggestions listed in the upgrade notice http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2579-100-1.aspx. I have also tried deleting andrecreating the two problems fields without success.

Would you please take a look at the two templates I have uploaded and advise if there is a quick tweak I can do to makethese fieldsdisplay?



Hi Bob

I will take a look and get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Joyce

Hi Bob

The Detailed report template you provided did not have a WorkorderHeader band - resulting in the report not understanding where to get any data from and resulting in blank fields. I created a copy of the Sample Unit History Report Showing Labor Details Plus Sub-Charges and Totals from http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic790-103-1.aspxand have put in the zip file attached for you.

The report called Unit History Report you sent had a GroupHeader band not tied to any dataset - resulting in the report not understanding where to get the data fields from.

I deleted that GroupHeader band, added a GroupHeader band for within the WorkorderHeader band and set the Client datafield to show within there. I also editd the collection property for this GroupHeader band so that it groups on the client name (in case you have more than one client filtered to show on the grid).

I also added the unit’s serial number datafield into the Detail band for the WorkorderItem.

It is not possible to use the unit to group from the workorderheader - because the data from that is actually avaialble from the WorkorderItem

If you want to group units to display together for the same client, it is suggested before printing that you sort the Items grid first column by the Clients, and second column by the Serial Number so that the units are already in order when you print.

  • Joyce

Thank you Joyce,

I will compare the ones Ihaveagainst the ones you provided and learn where I made my mistakes soI don’t have to keep pestering :crazy:you.


That’s OK Bob - because the new report engine is more stringent than the old version to be able to provide compatibility with new operating systems and address internal issues, some reports that worked in the old version need to be redone so that they follow the requirements - i.e. datafields placed within bound data bands only when using a “detailed” style report template.

If you find others and not sure what to do, do let me know as you have done by zipping up the old and attaching.

  • Joyce

I am having the same issue and I cannot seem to figure out how to add the appropriate changes to the work order reports. I have attached a zipped copy of the report and if you can look it over for me I would appreciate it.

This issue is the customers name and address information in the detail section is blank. After reading your post here I noticed that this detail section does not have an appropriate detail header assigned to it but when I create a new detail header it creates a whole new detail section as well.

This is the first time I have tried attaching a file to a post so forgive me if I don’t get it right the first time:)

Thanks in advance…JOE


You will need to create a new detailed workorder report from scratch - this report template is not useable in AyaNova v3.3.3.0 or higher, nor can be edited to work.

I would suggest downloading and importing the Sample Dispatching Report template from http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2580-103-1.aspxand customizing it - as it already has the bands inserted (for WorkorderHeader, for WorkorderItem, for ScheduledUsers etc) along with their datafields so that you can see what goes where.

  • Joyce

Ouch…I was afraid you would say that :slight_smile:

thanks for the help.


I have also noticed that the script we were using to create “City, state, and zip” on one line is no longer working. Here is the script:

xrLabel46.Text = string.Format("{0} , {1} {2}", GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_City”), GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_StateProv”), GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_Address_Label_Postal”));

Will this newer version work with the older scripts?

  • JOE

Hi Joe

If you edit the script with the band identifier as outlined in topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2578-100-1.aspx, than yes, a combined script will work

  • Joyce

Thanks, that did it. I was able to reuse the report with a bit of tweaking but it was easier than redoing the whole report. I created a second GroupHeader and moved the labels from the Detail section to the newly created GroupHeader, which was inside the DetailReport band. I then had to change the databind on the detailreport band to the WorkOrderHeader table and that did it.

I may just redo it anyway since it isn’t as cleanly designed as it could be, but I was experimenting around to learn the system better and got it working for now.

Thanks again, great response time and very helpful.