Since we use Quickbooks for our Inventory we adjust all parts into the AyaNova Inventory Warehouses. I need a label in “Adjustments” that show the Part # and Serial # for this. When I go to use the Label Wizard in “Adjustments” these items do not show up to make the label.

How can I accomplish this. I do not want to enter a PO in QB and AyaNova as this is time consuming. It is time consuming enough to put PO in QB and then adjust into AyaNova.


Mark Crum

Hi Mark

Part # and Serial # are not available datafields for a summary report template from the Part Adjustments grid.

The only available fields are those showing as columns in the grid which are from the Part Adjustment header - Date Adjusted, Reason and Number.

Development does have it on their list to look into for a future version adding a new subgrid just like the Purchase Order Items grid, and the Purchase Order Receipts Items grid where you can now create a report template that includes additional fields that are in the subgrid of that object.

  • Joyce

Not Good

A possible suggestion (you will more than likely need to play with it more) is I made a copy of the Sample Inventory Reconcilation Forum report template; removed the GroupHeader band, removed labels from the report header and Detail band, and added to the Detail1 band fields to show the part and part warehouse for the serialized part listed in the Part Inventory grid.

Do note of course that a non-serialized part would only be printed once, just like it’s record in the Part Inventory grid.

This example is not formated for a label specifically and woudn’t be able to because its not a flat report type (i.e. as a record could have multiple serial numbers) but you could possibly play with the margins and paper size of this example etc.

I’ve attached for you to check out.

  • Joyce