JDONE List of parts used in workorders with no duplicates

Here is an example of a report template from the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane that will provide a list of parts used in workorders without showing duplicates.

This report might be useful if you want to print out a list of parts actually used, so that you can “clean” up your inventory and delete the parts not used (how fast a workorder entry screen loads depends on the number of parts it has to precompile for display)

This summary report template was made following these steps:

  1. First sorted teh Parts grid in the Service navigation pane by the Part column - so can easily see we do have duplicates listed of parts used, but want a report listing each part without duplicating.

  2. Created a new summary report template from the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane

  3. Use the wizard to create a new report template selecting the part datafield

  4. Inserted a GroupHeader band

  5. Dragged the label for part to its area

  6. Edited the Text property so it was just labeled Part

  7. Preview shows the report as is right now, and you can see that duplicates of the same part is listed

  1. Click on the part datafield to select it, and edit its Behaviour property Process Duplicates to Suppress and Shrink

  1. Now when you preview, the part is listed only once

Optionally, drag the Quantity datafield from the Field List placing beside the Part datafield in the detailBand1
When you preview, you will see that the report will automatically sum the quantity for each part!

Download the zipped example report template Which parts and how many sold