JDONE Printing a Workorder from a template

Is there a way when printing a Workorder from a template to get the labor entries to print in date order? (Sorted by date/time) Right now there does not seem to be any sort order (Except maybe order entered).

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You have to tell the report template how to sort if you want records sorted. This is done by using the GroupHeader band for a Detail and setting the GroupFields Collection property.

Check out the following topics that also cover this:





I’ll post back here ina while more screenshots of doing this with the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total - but its the same principle - add a GroupHeader to the Detail band that you want to sort on, then edit the Collection property and set to sort on a specific groupfield - in this case, would be the Service Start Date & Time.

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Thank you for all your help!!! I looked and looked for this and could not find it…