JDONE Rate List Sorting

How do I sort the Rates List ina report?

I need to be able to sort rates by any of the available fields; Name,Account Number, etc.

Regardless of how I sort them on the screen theyalways appear in in the same order on theRates List report. This happens withboththeRates List andRates List - Summary templates.



Hello Bob

The Rates grid does only provide Summary Report Templates, and comes with a sample report called Rates List. Is this the report you are referring to?

To group a summary report by a specific field, select the detailBand,insert a GroupHeader band, select Properties tab for this GroupHeader band, select the GroupFields property to open the GroupField Collection Editor, Add a GroupField, select for the FieldName the field you wish to sort by, and set SortOrder by Ascending or Descending, than Preview from the bottom of the panel to see how your report is now sorting.

You can also refer to the AyaNova v3 Printing & Reports topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic844-100-1.aspx which includes how to set the sort order of a report template

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  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce,

Yes that is the template I was referring to. We created another template torule out that the sample template wasn’t the culprit.

So this means if I want to be able to sort by any one of the 10 available fields I would have to create 10 separate templates?