JDONE Report Problem - Since Upgrade

I am using two differenet reports as standards - One called Dispatch Work order and one called Completed work order. On the dispatch I have information that is not on the completed and vice versa. Before the upgrade, both worked perfectly - Since the upgrade the completed one is duplicating everything IF I have more than one work order item - This includes parts etc. I can only but assume that my format is incorrect and the previous version was more forgiving and let me get away with it but in the updated version - It is less forgiving of errors.

Can you please tell me where my error is? I Cannot find where to attache my files to this message?

Sorry - Here are the attachments - Figured it out.


In the Completed Report template, you have the WorkorderItem data bound to DetailReportItem, but then “under” it you have a second WorkorderItem data bound again as shown by the DetailReport2 band.

Now if you straight off delete DetailReport2, this will also delete all the bands “under” DetailReport2 - the labor and the parts - so what you would need to do to fix this is:

  1. Enter new fields into DetailReportItem (click on the DetailReportItem band, select Fields tab, it will default to the band where to select datafields from)

  2. Right-click on DetailReportIem band and select Insert Detail Report -> WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor

  3. Again, right-click on DetailReportIem band and select Insert Detail Report -> WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart

  4. Create a new GroupHeader for the new Labor band just created

  5. Create a new GroupHeader for the new Part band just created.

  6. You can move the existing GroupHeader fields from the GroupHeader1 of the Labor band and from the GHPart to the new GroupHeaders just made

  7. but if you move the existing datafields from the detail band of those existing Labor and Part, the datafields bindings won’t come across. You will need to create new fields from the datafields for those new Labor and new Part

  8. Now delete the DetailReport2 - this will also delete the previous Labor and Part that was “under” it.

  9. Format as needed.

Hope this outlines the information you need. Let me know.

  • Joyce

Thank you - Worked like a charm. One more question - How do I insert the scheduled user into the service work order and technician into where I have “Technicians Service Notes”. Instead of Technicians’ I would like the techs name.

Hi again

I am not sure exactly what you are asking. I believe you are asking how to add a datafield to a report template?

If so, as outlined in the tutorial on making a detailed workorder report template http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic1298-103-1.aspx, and in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “TUTORIAL: Adding Data Fields to a Report” starting page 654 you can drag from the Fields tab to the appropriate detail band.

For example, make room in the Labor Detail band that you had previously created in the Completed Workorder report template, and with last having clicked within that Labor’s Detail band, now select the Fields tab - you will see that it will autoamtically be highlighting the correct Labor datafields that you can then drag and drop onto the report template into this Detail band area.

Or if working with a table, select the cell within the table that you want to display the technician’s name, now select Properties for that tablecell, expand DataBindings, expand Text, drop down to select on the Bindings property and then move to the appropriate area - in this case if you were adding fields to the Labor Detail band, then select the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor.LT_WorkorderItemLabor_Label_UserID

Always remember, that you would only place a datafield where its band is already bound the data. For example, do not place a data field in the pagefooter, because that band itself is not bound to any data.

If you need additional information, do always provide the copy of the report template, and provide specifics (identify the exact field name, etc) of what you are attempting to do so that I may help.

If you have additional questions, I will be checking again tomorrow.

  • Joyce