JDONE sort order

ok got the report the way i want but cannot seem to get it to sort correctly

i fallowed the group head instructions. but if i am using detail total billable report by client header4does work that is for

client sort order .

then i want the work orders sorted by smallest to biggest.

ie 5911 - 5999 for that client. it does this now but from largest to smallest .ie meaning the newest tags are printed first instead of last.

so i tried adding a groupheader to Detailreportitemlabor.

but it still doesnt seem to change to order i am confused .


these are the steps i fallowed. but it doesnt seem to work or i am doing something wrong .and i will lean toward the wrong part. :_)

The Collection of the GroupFields property for the GroupHeader of a band is where you could set the sort order.

For example, if you were referring to the Detailed Quote sample report template that comes with AyaNova v3 andyou wanted to sort the order of workorder items based on the Item Summary data field:

  1. Add a GroupHeader bandto the DetailReportItem - WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem (right-click on the DetailReportItem - WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem , select Insert Band -> GroupHeader)
  1. Select the GroupHeader band created. In the properties of the GroupHeader band for this DetailReportItem, select to open the (Collection) for the property GroupFields
  1. Select Add in the GroupField Collection Editor
  1. Drop down the FieldName property and scroll to select the data field for Item Summaryand select it.
  1. Set the SortOrder to either Ascending or Descending as you want it.
  1. Select OK
  1. Now Preview the report template to see how it is sorting by the Item Summary.

Also take a look in the AyaNova v3 Report Templates area of this forum for the tutorial on creating a detailed service workorder report template - which includes screenshots in steps 17 through 24 on using the GroupFields property of a GroupHeader band - which will make it easier to understand where to select in a report template etc.

I will also move this topic to the AyaNova v3 Report Templates area of this forum shortly as the topic is more appropriate to that forum.

Hi Randy

If you are customizing a report template and have a question on the design, do always export a copy and zip it using WinZip and attach so that I can import it and seeexactly what is happening.


  • Joyce

Hi again Randy

It appears you were attempting to sort by workorder item, not by the Workorder #

In the Sample Total Billable for Workorders Grouped By Client report template, the GroupFields property for the GroupHeader4 is presently set to group by the client name

If you want to also group secondly by the workorder number in descending order (largest to smallest), than add a second GroupField member to sort by the Workorder in Descending order in that same GroupField collection.

In the screenshot below is a screenshot of the GroupField Collection Editor for the GroupHeader4 property GroupFields collection

The first 0 GroupField is the one that groups by the Client name

The second 1 GroupField is the groupfield I just added for the screenshot so that the report also sorts by workorder # largest to smallest.

ok i assumed that was for the client name sort order .

yes that does correct the issue of the sort order for the work order but it also makes the client list sort from z to a instead of a - z .

no biggie but is there a way to do both i want to sort A-Z clients asending and then under each client sort by workorder number desending

It sounds like you set both GroupFields to Descending - only set the GroupField for Workorder to Descending

Leave the Client set to Ascending.

Again, if you have an issue or question with a report template - I am happy to help - but I am forcedto make assumptions here as did not receive a copy of your custom report template to know exactly what it is that you have set.

  • Joyce