Job Costing / Payroll


Is there a way to get employee times from Ayanova to time sheets/Payroll in QB? We need to see what or Billing ratio is at any given time and the only way is to see technicians burden rate agains what is actually billed. This normally would be handled by the Classes set up in QB. (It still may need to be). We break down per departments. Example: Service, Testing, Construction, etc…


Mark Crum

Hi Mark

The optional add-on QBI does not import/export payroll or time information between AyaNova and QuickBooks. We do not have a utility to do so.

A possible suggestion is to create a report template from the Labor grid so that you can run a report from AyaNovathat is by technician displaying that techs numerical billedhours total, numerical no charge hours, and thethe billable dollar amount billed out. You might filter the grid by Service Start Dateas well as Invoiced column by NonBlanks so that it only shows labor records for that date range that have an invoice number, as well as by Workorder Category (or however you differentiate department service in your workorder).

Take a look at the example report template such as at Sample-Schedulable-User-Labor-Billing-Report-with-Grand-Total (search for labor+billable+charge) which is a possible report template you can use, refer to and further customize as needed. (note: this sample report template comes installed with new installation of the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce