Keyboard shortcuts / optimization

Hi. I’ve previewed AyaNova v3 and it looks very promising. I’d like to suggest a few things, if I may, as follows:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts for most functions. It’s a lot faster to use the keyboard rather than shift between the keyboard and mouse.

  2. New workorder - starting the workorder with a client is very good, and the ‘predictive’ text entry is a very welcome feature. Would it be possible to use the ENTER key aside from the check icon to select the client name?

  3. The ESC key can be used to close windows and dialog boxes, eliminating the need to hunt for the mouse. A pop-up warning or option to save will be helpful.



Hello Orlando

We will be looking into adding additional shortcut keys within the next generation AyaNova.

The ENTER key now can be used to accept client selection when creating a new workorder

Thank you for your suggestion.


The latest version of AyaNova 3.4 includes Accelerator key combinations. Refer to the Known Issues & Updates section of this forum steps to update to the latest version of AyaNova, as well as to the Issues Address & New Features topic at includes information on these new key combinations.