Knowledge Base

How about a Knowledge base. Not sure if this is requested for the WBI, but an option for a Knowledge base where technicians can create forms or post internal documents for sharing that are unrelated to the workorder and can also make Self Help documents available for external Service Clients.

I would use it.

Peter Fuzessery

Miad Systems Ltd.

Cool! I like that idea. We’d probably have to implement it as a whole new type of object in AyaNova. I.E. a public knowledge base object of some kind where text can be stored and indexed in the normal manner then have a separate search facility through WBI for just that type of object. Very doable though, I’ll bump this up to the potential features list, note that it would be nothing we can do quickly, but likely part of a major update instead.

Great idea! I would certainly use it! It would cut down on the number of systems I have to maintain…:slight_smile: