Known Issues with CE

As the old CE web site has been retired, am posting here in this forum section the previously most common known issues with CE and solutions:

NOTE: this is ONLY for issues with the very old AyaNova CE 1.x version

The Detailed Completed Work Order report, Dispatch and Dispatch (with labor) reports from a standard format work order may encounter the following.

If enter in the Labor sub-screen Work Details that exceed 50 lines, or Detailed Description for Technician: exceeds 50 lines of text, when printing these reports it will “begin” the Work Details on the second page, instead of on the first page leaving much “white” space.

  1. Download the file if installed North America format reports
  2. Download the file if installed ISO format reports
  3. Rename the existing wofull.rpt file in the AyaNova database to another extension (i.e. wofull.old)
  4. Rename the existing wodispst2.rpt file in the AyaNova database to another extension (i.e. wodispst2.old)
  5. Rename the existing wodispst.rpt file in the AyaNova database to another extension (i.e. wodispst.old)
  6. Extract the three files from the downloaded file to the AyaNova database folder
  7. Now when you print these reports, if there are labor details or technician details of more than 50 lines of text, it will not “jump” to a new page to display.

If scheduling PM items to repeat by months with no specific day of the week selected, the next scheduled day of the month may be less or more by one day depending on which month the next scheduled date falls, or if it is scheduled into the following year.

Do note this issue only results in a difference of one day in the next scheduled item. This is a result of different days in months.

A workorder created via the PM screen will take the Status of “N/A” instead of taking the default Status selected for new workorders as set out in the Global Defaults setting in the File -> Database Utilities

If you are using the status for viewing by the Main Workorder List View, it is suggested is that you create a workorder category of (for example) “Preventive Maintenance” and create a view that displays all workorders that have this category so that you can easily switch to this view to see what workorders were created by preventive maintenance.

When attempting to delete a workorder status that has been selected within a workorder, will receive an error message and than AyaNova will close. The error message may refer to an application error with sc.exe

Only workorder statuses that have not been selected within a workorder can be deleted.

It is noted that instead of returning a message that the status can not be deleted, it instead causes an internal error and shuts down AyaNova.

What you will need to do is deselect the status in any workorder - then you can delete it.

If a user makes a PM item with the field “Convert to workorder this many days in advance” set to 1 and the field of “Repeat Every” set to 1 day, the result will be multiples of workorders created as it goes into a loop.

Preventive Maintenance is usually representative of something that occurs with a time in between - such as work that is performed every three months or once a week etc. Something that occurs every day, like checking your backup, would be more of a daily task and is not to be managed by the PM. module.

If a user un-checks Automatic Workorder within a preventive maintenance item, a workorder would continue to automatically be created.

It is recommended that if you do not wish a preventive maintenance item to convert to a workorder, to place the preventive maintenance item on HOLD.

If a unit is selected within a workorder, a unit cannot be deleted. If a unit has never been selected in a workorder, but has had PM items created, the user is able to delete the unit with the result that the PM items previously created will still display within the PM Screen.

Be aware of deleting units that PM items may be affected

If the Search screen displays a Head office record for results from a search, if you select it, it will not open this Head Office entry screen. But will instead display the Client entry screen showing the first client on the selection.

If attempt to create an AyaNova user with more than 3 initials, after the message that the field is too small to accept the number of characters entered, additional messages continued until AyaNova closes itself.

Do not enter more than three initials in the User entry screen field Initials: