Known ssue selecting Detail report from Service Workorder grid if Postal/Zip column

[b]Issue is resolved in latest hotfix -

Issue that if the Postal/Zip column has been checkmarked to display in the Service Workorders grid and you select a Detailed Type report template from this grid to print preview will receive the following error (depending on configuration):

If stand-alone or Firebird Server configuration:
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -206
Column unknown
At line 1, column 10953

(column # may be different)

If SQL AyaNova configuration:
The multi-part identifier “AADDRESS.APOSTAL” could not be bound.

At this time, uncheck the Postal/Zip column from displaying in the Service Workorders grid when you want to print preview a detailed type report template.
Development has been made aware of this issue and will be providing a resolution shortly.

[b]Issue is resolved in latest hotfix -