Labor discounts

We have been using AN for several years now and our rate list is getting quite long. To help keep it under control, we are considering moving to a flat-rate hourly system with percentage discounts for customers under contract. Is there a way of applying percentage discounts to labor charges similar to the “discount applied on all parts” option in the contract window? Failing that does anyone have a work-around that they are using?


No, there is not a way to have a discount field with a Labor rate at this time. It is certainly something we will look into for the next major version of AyaNova.

At this time, if you wish to apply a percentage discount to a labor rate, one suggestion is that you could do so via a report template scripts - i.e. create custom report templates each that has custom scripts that applies a certain % against the labor rate, where you select the appropriate report with the appripriate % to use when sending to your client.
But with this method, you do not have a record within the database itself of what was actually charged to the client.

The other suggestion is to continue to use sepcific labor rates, so that the actual charge for each client is actually maintained in the database itself - perhaps if having trouble remembering which clients get which rates is to use the client’s Pop Up field in their entry screen, so that when a workorder for a client is opened, there is always a popup reminder of what rate this client is to be charged

  • Joyce