Labor & Parts Disappearing In Workorders

I am having a problem that is driving me crazy. I go in an enter labor in a workorder, then I move to the next line (just to make sure it saves). I then go up and select “Save” then “Save & Exit”. Then more times than not, when I go back into that order it has nothing in the Labor fields. Usually I go back and re-enter this information and go though the same steps and then it saves and stays there.

Well the other day, I went in and entered labor and then had to enter a bunch of parts. Well after I finished, I saved then exited the workorder. I went back in and the Labor was Gone Again!! So Were All Of The Parts I Had Just Entered!! I decided to see if the parts were taken out of inventory (because I had chosen “Used In Service” when I initially entered the information), and sure enough, they were (taken out of inventory).

So now I have a workorder with blank Labor & Inventory Fields. But when I run a report, it shows all of the Labor & Parts that are not longer showing up in the workorder.

Is this a bug? How Do I Fix This?

Server Standard 2003 SP2

AyaNova v4.2.0.0

Firebird v2.0

Thanks for your help


Make sure that you are viewing the Labor and Parts subsection of the actual Workorder Item you entered them for as a workorder can have many Workorder Items records, and each Workorder Item record has its own Labor, Parts, etc

It sounds like what you are doing, is just not viewing the actual workorder item where you entered Labor and Parts for. Do the following:

Open the workorder to view it
How many workorder item records does this workorder have?
Select the first workorder item record by clicking within one of its fields or on its row header - now that all Labor, Parts, Travel, etc that show are for this specific Workorder Item.
Is the Labor you entered in this workorder item?
If not, then select the second workorder item record and view its Labor, Parts, etc - now do you see the parts you entered?
If you attach a zipped screenshot of the entire workorder entry screen where you entered these parts and labor, showing the Parts subsection as well as the workorder header and workorder items grid, I can also be more specific in what you select.

  • Joyce

Ahh,…I did not realize that each one of the records within the workorder were separate.

I see what it’s doing now.

Thanks for your help.